Corrections decides not to appeal Watson meeting

  • 21/07/2015
Scott Watson
Scott Watson

Convicted double-killer Scott Watson is a step closer to being able to tell his story to North & South journalist Mike White.

The Corrections Department has decided not to appeal a judge's decision to allow a face-to-face meeting behind bars to go ahead.

It'll be the first time Watson's spoken publicly since he was jailed for the 1998 murders of Olivia Hope and Ben Smart.

But Mike White says it's not a done deal yet. This morning he joined Paul Henry to discuss why it's not necessarily a green light for the meeting to go ahead.

"When the judge quashed [the] original decision to refuse a visit to Scott Watson, we had to send it back to Corrections for them to make anther decision, so really the ball is back [with] Corrections," says Mr White.

Corrections will have to consider the original application, and if it decides to let Mr White visit Watson, it will then have to state the conditions in which they can meet – Mr White describes this would be a "step in the right direction".

Watch the video for the full interview with Mike White.