Donald Trump still polling high amid political feud

  • 22/07/2015
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps giving for the world's media.

He's been urged to pull out of the presidential race in light of his recent comments about Senator John McCain's Vietnam War service, but remarkably, the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful is still polling high and talking tough.

With almost twice the support of his closest rival, US correspondent Sandy Hughes joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss Mr Trump.

"The latest polling saw Trump at 24 percent," says Ms Hughes, "but that poll was taken before the kerfuffle with John McCain."

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham recently labelled Mr Trump "a jackass" for his comments on the veteran, a label Mr Trump didn't shy away from – but he had to have the last word.

Later that day, Mr Trump handed out Mr Graham's personal phone number to a crowd of people on the campaign trail. 

Watch the video for the full interview with Sandra Hughes.