Has wreckage of MH370 been found?

  • 30/07/2015
(The Telegraph)
(The Telegraph)

Parts of what is believed to be a plane have washed up on Reunion Island, which is near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

The discovery has fuelled speculation the wreckage is that of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, even though it is located thousands of kilometres from where the Boeing 777's suspected to have disappeared.

French aviation expert Xavier Tytelman has been studying photos of the fragments "all day long" and believes they belong to a Boeing 777.

"We've been looking at it, we've been studying it, we've been comparing it to many, many other pictures," he told the Paul Henry programme. "Maybe it can fit with another aircraft, but everything we have checked didn't fit… it really is strange."

Watch the video for the full interview with Xavier Tytelman.