Hawking launches $100M search for extraterrestrial life

  • 21/07/2015
Hawking launches $100M search for extraterrestrial life

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has paired up with a Russian billionaire to launch a $US100 million quest to find extraterrestrial life.

The 10-year project will actively seek signs of intelligent life with Australia's Parkes telescope in New South Wales.

Dr Hawking shared his delight on Facebook, stating "this is a massive new astronomical program searching for evidence of intelligent life in our galaxy or beyond".

"'Are we alone in the Universe?' is one of the most profound questions in science. We have the will, scientific talent and technology to explore it. Now, finally, we have the vision and resources to bring them all together."

UK correspondent Melissa Davies joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss the plans.

Watch the video for the full interview.