Investigation launched into prison behaviour

  • 20/07/2015
Investigation launched into prison behaviour

An investigation into the behaviour of prisoners at Auckland's Mt Eden prison has being widened to include other prisons around the country, after footage emerged of inmates smoking drugs, drinking alcohol and using a prison officer's radio.

It comes after the Government ordered a review into organised fight clubs at the prison that were posted on social media, and claims that guards simply turn a blind eye.

This morning, Paul Henry was joined by convicted murderer turned behavioural coach Dr Paul Wood to discuss how he is "not surprised in the least" that this sort of behaviour is occurring in prisons.

He says that behaviour like this has "always gone on, fight clubs in particular" and stresses that "prison is a violent place", but he would be "really surprised if guards were turning a blind eye".

"You've got people who have nothing but time on their hands... So a large percentage of people will be on the lookout for contraband."

Dr Wood, who has first-hand experience being attacked behind bars, says it's all "part of a real culture of violence in prisons".

Watch the video for the full interview.