Jason Gunn takes aim at cyber bullies

  • 24/07/2015
Facebook: Jason Gunn
Facebook: Jason Gunn

Earlier this week, More FM Drive host Jason Gunn posted a video questioning the bullying and vitriol in the wake of the Dancing with the Stars spat involving Chrystal Chenery and radio host Dom Harvey. 

So why are we so mean online? And what do people get out of being so nasty?

Mr Gunn this morning joined Paul Henry from Christchurch to discuss why he posted the video. 

"It's just something I really can't stand," says Mr Gunn. "Cyber bullying really gets out of control – I've been a victim of it for years and I know a lot of people have.

"I think it's a really simple thing to stop as it simply gets out of control – everyone was talking about the situation but it had gone to another level and it was just so ugly. 

"It was my two cents in on my Facebook page and I guess through the magic of social media, next minute, it went viral."

Watch the video for the full interview with Jason Gunn.