Jimmy Barnes to anti-Islam rallies: Stop using my music

  • 23/07/2015
WENN: Jimmy Barnes
WENN: Jimmy Barnes

John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes are speaking out against anti-Islam groups who are using their songs.

The group Reclaim Australia is apparently "deeply saddened" that the former Cold Chisel frontman doesn't want his music associated with the group.

But as Australian correspondent Jason Morrison this morning explained to Paul Henry, there isn't actually a lot Barnes can do to stop them.

"They can't do anything about it, anyone can play a song and you can't stop it, and it's being used for everything," says Mr Morrison.

Video of the anti-Islam group holding rallies while playing Cold Chisel's 'Khe Sanh' have been circulating online since the weekend, when they clashed with anti-racism demonstrators across Australia.

Watch the video for the full interview.