Justice system too 'criminal-centred, friendly' - McVicar

  • 29/07/2015
Tony Douglas Robertson
Tony Douglas Robertson

The family of Blessie Gotingco are calling for a public inquiry into how she was killed by an ex-offender who was released on strict conditions which he repeatedly breached.

Name suppression lifted yesterday for Tony Douglas Robertson, 28, who raped and murdered Ms Gotingco last year, only six months after being released after serving his full sentence for molesting and abducting a five-year-old girl.

His freedom came with strict conditions, which he seemed to ignore. Garth McVicar of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, which pushes for harsher penalties for violent offenders, says the justice system is too criminal-friendly.

"It's not focusing on public safety as its paramount consideration – I think that's where we're finally starting to nail the problem. It's whether we have the political will to fix it."

In his view, Corrections doesn't have the tools to deal with offenders like Robertson.

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