Little showing 'glass jaw' over Chinese buyer comments

  • 22/07/2015
(Simon Wong 3 News) Andrew Little
(Simon Wong 3 News) Andrew Little

Labour leader Andrew Little appeared flustered and flummoxed when he was questioned by the media over his party's strategy on foreign buyers and the statistics they released on Chinese-sounding surnames.

One of those getting under his skin was 3 News political editor Patrick Gower – he joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss Mr Little and his recent inability to answer questions.

"There is surely an issue there with foreign buyers in the Auckland property market, but you can raise a serious question like Labour did and play the race card at the same time," says Gower.

"Once you have played that card like Little has, you've got to stay in the game and you can't walk away – he's got to stand there and defend that policy.

"To snap like he did yesterday shows he might have a political glass jaw in terms of political questioning and debate; that has to be a worry for someone who is auditioning to be Prime Minister."

Watch the video for the full interview with 3 News political editor Patrick Gower.