Mt Eden prisoner was 'damaged goods'

  • 22/07/2015
Mt Eden Prison
Mt Eden Prison

There are claims a man who died shortly after arriving at Northland's Ngawha Prison was actually injured at the Serco-run Mt Eden Prison.

Labour Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis further alleges that the prisoner had been dropped from a balcony as part of a fight club, and that Mt Eden officials knew about his injuries.

He says there's been a cover up by Serco and is calling for the Minister of Corrections to resign.

Mr Davis this morning joined Paul henry to discuss the prison fight clubs and the death of the prisoner.

He doesn't have any official information that the prisoner was dropped, but that he "has it on good authority by upstanding people in our community that say he was".

"He was dropped, he was sent off to Ngawha Prison and when he got there, to quote my source, 'it was obvious he was damaged goods'."

Mr Davis wouldn't reveal his source, as "whistle-blowers don't get treated well by this Government". 

"He was transferred to Whangarei Hospital I believe and the next day he got to Ngawha – I've been told subsequently that he might have got the injuries when he was in transit. Well, that's just absolute nonsense."

He says that "there is only one place that he could have gotten those injuries – which would have been before he got in that transit van"

Mr Davis states his intent for sharing this information is to "stop people getting bashed and thrown off balconies… the safety of workers in Serco".

"There are real serious issues in Serco and if the minister doesn't want to believe it and he's only going to believe YouTube videos, then we've got real problem.

Watch the full interview with Kelvin Davis.