One year marked since MH17 tragedy

  • 17/07/2015
One year marked since MH17 tragedy

It's exactly a year today since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine.

298 died were killed, and while no one's been held criminally responsible, the finger's been pointed at pro-Russian rebels.

The disaster came just weeks after the disappearance of another Malaysia Airlines plane, MH370.

Experts believe the plane was deliberately crashed into the Indian Ocean after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.

It's estimated about $100 million have been spent searching for MH370 but no debris has ever been found.

So where's the search at for MH370 and are officials any closer to solving one of aviation's great mysteries?

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas joined Paul Henry on the phone from Perth.

"I guess we are closer in a sense that we are not elimination areas where it is not. They are searching an area that is 1800 km west of Perth and the area they are searching is 120,000 square kilometres and they have roughly done half of it. I think there are too many things we now know that it says it wasn’t an accident, it was deliberate."

Watch the full interview with Geoffrey Thomas.