PM wins Jeep Cherokee for Ronald McDonald House Charities

  • 27/07/2015
John Key wins 9 in 10
John Key wins 9 in 10

Paul Henry's 9 in 10: Where Paul gets guests or specially selected contestants to name nine specific instances of a general category in 10 seconds.

For example: name nine types of flower. It's surprisingly hard to do.

Watch some winning 9 in 10s:

This morning on the show, Prime Minister John Key played 9 in 10 in the studio for a $44,000 Jeep Cherokee prize to donate to a charity.

He managed to name nine world currencies in 10 seconds and will donate the Jeep Cherokee to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Ronald McDonald House chief executive Wayne Howett joined Paul Henry this morning on the phone to describe "what a fantastic opportunity this is to get families away from hospital, as they are always short of vehicles". 

Watch the video.