Should online charity sites be regulated?

  • 17/07/2015
Should online charity sites be regulated?

A woman is awaiting sentencing after she faked a terminal illness to solicit funds through Give-A-Little fundraising page.

It seems that this is not the only charity page set up to gain funds which have made headlines.

The family of Chiefs assistant coach Andrew Strawbridge's family set up a page to raise funds for a Samoan hospital.

Last month a woman started a campaign to raise money for Greece, and the sister of suspected Charleston church shooter also set up a page to recover expenses after her wedding was delayed.

Charity Sector researcher Michael Gousmett joined Paul Henry today.

"I think it’s a concern. The figures are quite startling. I couldn’t actually find any information on where the 19 million dollars or so was that was given through the Give A Little page as actually accounted for. That is a lot of money and at the end of the day I could find nothing that gave me any assurance as to how that money is being accounted for."

Watch the full interview with Michael Gousmett.