Suspected MH370 debris could 'put to bed rumours'

  • 31/07/2015
Geoffery Thomas.(Paul Henry)
Geoffery Thomas.(Paul Henry)

There is growing belief from within the aviation community that debris found on Reunion Island, east of Madagascar, does belong to missing flight MH370.

The battered remnants of a suitcase have now been found near where airline debris was discovered.

The wing pieces have been sent to France for examination, after a US official confirmed the debris came from a Boeing 777. editor Geoffery Thomas told Paul Henry if the items do prove to be from MH370, it will help to dispel a number of rumours about what happened.

"[It will] put to bed all the rumours of it being taken to Afghanistan or Russia, or hidden away in a jungle somewhere… but still the conspiracy theories will persist," he says.

"Certainly we now have a fragment of it, maybe we have a suitcase from a passenger, but we still have to find it, and when we do find it we have to find out why it ended up where it did."

Watch the video for the full interview with Geoffery Thomas.