The science of reading: Are you a deep-reader?

  • 13/07/2015
The science of reading: Are you a deep-reader?

Last week, two tutors in the United States banned laptops from their classes.

Research shows that people don't absorb as much information on an electronic device as reading paper. Reading on screen encourages skimming whereas reading a hardcopy book allows people to "deep-read" and understand the text better.

So, what's the science behind reading text?

Nanotech scientist Michelle Dickinson joined Paul Henry to tell us.

"I think laptops shouldn’t be banned from classrooms. Reading a hardcover book doesn’t just mean your brain is looking at words. There is also the sense of touch and visual mapping so you can see and feel how far through a book you are, the only difference between people who read online or from a traditional book was that they are able to map the plot better."

Watch the full interview with Michelle Dickinson.