How to guide your teen into a career

  • 22/07/2015
How to guide your teen into a career

Navigating a career is more complicated than ever, with an increasingly ambiguous work climate and job options changing almost daily.

Applications are now open for tertiary study in 2016, so the teenagers in your life might be under pressure to make some big calls.

Careers expert Laurel McLay joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss what teens need to be focusing on.

She encourages teenagers to look at their careers as "a life-long journey" and that "one of the interesting trends is moving towards portfolio careers".

"If you think that 65 percent of children who start school today are going to be in roles that don't even exist yet, you're absolutely right," says Ms McLay. "[So they need to] understand what their talents are and know how they are resourceful."

Watch the video for the full interview with Laurel McLay.