What can employers ask for in a job description?

  • 23/07/2015
What can employers ask for in a job description?

Can you ask for a skinny person in a job ad, a woman or someone very beautiful?

In recent weeks, shops both in New Zealand and in Australia have been called out for getting too specific when it comes to job advertisements.

So what can an employer ask for in an employee? And what can you do if you think they're behaving unfairly?

Employment lawyer Jennifer Mills, from law firm Anthony Harper, this morning joined Paul Henry to shed some light on this kind of behaviour, which has recently been seen at Australian fitness fashion store Lorna Jane.

The company recently advertised for a receptionist/model job where they clearly stipulated the specific bust, hip and height measurements the potential employee would need to have.

"The role was for a fit model and receptionist and the question is - will that offend against the discrimination laws in Australia?" says Ms Mills.

Watch the video for the full interview.