5 things you may not know about Duncan Garner

  • 10/08/2015
Duncan Garner
Duncan Garner

You may know him as former 3 News Political Editor, or current RadioLIVE Drive host, or maybe even as co-host of the new current affairs show Story, but we have five things you may not know about Duncan Garner.

1. He's a twin – the younger by two minutes 2. He's deathly afraid of heights but forced himself to overcome them to take his kids up the Sky Tower 3. He's a fan of pig hunting in Hokianga 4. His first job was screwing tops onto toothpaste bottles for minimum wage 5. Just as Zoolander can't turn left, Duncan can't dive into pools.

All joking aside, Duncan is looking forward to bringing you some of the most interesting and impacting stories of the year, Monday to Thursday on Story.

Watch the video.