At a Glance: Dolphy Kohu - Timeline of a manhunt

At a Glance: Dolphy Kohu - Timeline of a manhunt

The hunt for wanted criminal Dolphy Kohu has finished in the Ruapehu district after a long and intense police manhunt.

The search for Kohu and his associates began shortly after they shot at police around 2:30am on Wednesday when officers started a pursuit with a car near Whanganui.

A police car was rammed by the fleeing vehicle as officers attempted to stop it.

Shots were fired at two police officers near Ohakune around 3:30am.

A large-scale operation was set in motion with police officers, the armed offenders squad, the special tactics group and the police Eagle helicopter.

The public were told to stay indoors and schools in the area shut, however residents were later told to continue going about their normal business.

In a press conference, Superintendent Sue Schwalger said Kohu and his associates were armed and dangerous and shouldn't be approached.

In the afternoon, police had arrested a woman and by around 5pm, a man and a woman had been taken in for questioning.

Police said their search would continue overnight, but at 9:20pm, Kohu and two others were arrested at a roadblock at Waiouru.

They were arrested without incident.

Six people are expected to appear in the Whanganui District Court today, with one facing a charge of attempted murder and shooting at a police officer.

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