Auckland street artist makes the boring beautiful

Auckland street artist makes the boring beautiful

Auckland street artist Paul Walsh has made a name for himself turning utility boxes into head-turning art pieces.

His work has been viewed millions of times online and his designs also help stop crime.

It is hard to believe, but Walsh didn't do too well in School Certificate art.

Auckland streets are his canvas. The right weather, right mood and an expressionless utility box are all the ingredients he needs.

"I'm happy if I can do something that gives someone a smile on their way to work," he says. "That's my main goal – better than a green box."

He's transformed 15 Chorus-owned cabinets into distinct characters inspired by internet memes.

His relationship with each box is really art interdependence. The same broadband wires the boxes contain send his work to the world.

"I've had at least 15 million shares of the gallery I uploaded, and I know there have been about 10 million views from other places, so they've spread very well."

His designs also decrease the frequency of box tagging. Chorus have found the cost of a mural can be more cost-effective then the cost of cleaning off unwanted graffiti.

It also helps Walsh is familiar with some of the local taggers.

"A lot of them know that I came from a similar background. I did tagging and graffiti and that stupid stuff when I was younger."

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