Buddy and Milo: The lambs of Herne Bay

Buddy and Milo: The lambs of Herne Bay

Story is all about New Zealanders and everything they do, be it serious or silly. 

When we heard about this one – lambs in nappies in Auckland's Herne Bay – we felt it was just far too lovely to ignore. 

Herne Bay is known for its mansions, its millionaires and now for its livestock – Buddy and Milo. 

The little group has become legit local celebrities. 

We're a nation built on the woolly back of the mighty sheep. Life on the farm is part of our DNA. But Herne Bay is an inner-city, posh suburb in our biggest city, with not a paddock in sight. 

"They're actually orphans," says owner Poppy Macleod. "Their mums died at birth and we wanted to help out with the farmers but there was no other place to bring them. We don't live on the farm so we took them home." 

But lambs in the city can get a bit messy. That's where the nappies come in. It's number-eight wire mentality at its finest. 

Yes, it's unusual but the lambs are well-fed, sheltered and cared for. 

When the time comes they'll head back to the farm. But in the meantime they're making some children very happy and adding a bit more life to the mean streets of Herne Bay.