Christchurch 'honey pot' for meth use

  • 11/08/2015
Christchurch 'honey pot' for meth use

Statistics show the Government's Methamphetamine Action Plan, launched in 2009 to curb the number of P addicts has been doing its job.

But there are fears methamphetamine use could be on the rise again.

It comes after a number of recent high profile drug busts, including $1 million worth of the drug found hidden in soup packets and another discovery of 123 kilos of meth - more than the total amount seized in all 2014.

Massey University drugs researcher Chris Wilkins this morning joined Paul Henry to discuss his recent research, which shows that methamphetamine use is on the rise again.

"I think we're definitely finding that there have been increases in Christchurch in use, supply and availability," says Mr Wilkins. "In other parts of the country, again, we're hearing anecdotal evidence that there's a new wave of younger users".

Watch the video for the full interview.