Groser 'gobsmacked' over TPPA auto fracas

  • 05/08/2015
Groser 'gobsmacked' over TPPA auto fracas

There's been a 10th consecutive drop in dairy prices, including a 10 percent fall in whole milk powder.

It comes after New Zealand refused to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Hawaii without more gains for dairy farmers.

Trade Minister Tim Groser is now back in New Zealand, and joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss how he was surprised to hear that automobiles are "a much bigger issue in terms of global scheme of things" when it comes to finalising an agreement.

"We're not involved in that side of things, but the extraordinary thing was that the Mexican and the Canadians were also gobsmacked, and they are fully integrated into the North American supply chain."

Watch the video for the full interview with Tim Groser.