King and Collins agree: 'Parasite' truck shops must go

  • 28/08/2015
Judith Collins
Judith Collins

It's been a busy week in politics, including the Government's controversial health and safety revamp, the Rugby World Cup pub law changes and Landcorp's financial problems.

Added to that list today are renewed calls to shut down truck shops which prey on low-income families.

Papakura MP Judith Collins says she has to resist personally telling them off when she sees them operating in her hood.

"That wouldn't be good. That would be front page of a newspaper. Not a good idea."

But she backs Labour MP David Shearer's call to shut them down.

"They are preying on the most vulnerable, and they don't know the difference between finance rates and interest rates, what all of that means."

Labour's Annette King agrees.

"We all agree on this – I have them in my electorate. They only go to where low-income people are, and I think they're parasites."

Watch the video for the full chat with Judith Collins and Annette King.