Kiwi bloke's newfound fame in China

  • 12/08/2015
Kiwi bloke's newfound fame in China

By Heather du Plessis-Allan

Who knew a Kiwi could become a reality TV star in China?

Back here, Patrick Rosevear is just a little old Wellington boy; but in China, 100 million people know his face.

Patrick will tell you he's just a D-list celeb in China, just a D-list celebrity who was a contestant in a show watched by 100 million people. That show, a dating show, might be the most-watched show in the world.

But that was just the beginning for Patrick. He's since done talk shows, sung on TV. He now hosts a travel show.

He says people have begun to recognise him on the streets.

The Wellington lawyer moved to China three years ago to learn Mandarin. The rest of it wasn't supposed to happen.

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