Making your blended family work as a step mum

  • 07/08/2015
Making your blended family work as a step mum

Blended families are a fast-growing trend with more children now living with a step parent, step siblings or both.

But how do you make this modern family work and co-parent children who haven't known you all their lives?

Author Angela Vassallo is a second wife and stepmum who's written a guide for the uninitiated.

She told Paul Henry this morning that she has been part of a blended family for 15 years now, "but what I've noticed in the past decade is a very big growing trend [towards blended families".

"We need more information to help the second wives and their families to stay together."

Ms Vassallo has written a 30 day challenge for step mums and second wives to help ease the situation – you can read the guide below:

Second Wives Guide New Zealand 30 tips in 30 days

Watch the video for the full interview.