North vs south: Who can name more Kiwi towns?

North vs south: Who can name more Kiwi towns?

Last month, I embarked on a RadioLIVE road tour, had a great time, but was shocked when I got back to Auckland and discovered many people hadn't heard of the some of the places I'd been to and wouldn't know where to put them on a map – not just small places either, in some cases cities and major landmarks, like our highest mountain.

Remember that saying, "don't leave home until you've seen the country"?

So is it just us northerners at fault here? Or are we all living in our own wee bubble?

Story embarked on an inter-island geography challenge, beginning in Christchurch.

So who does better in geography – north or south?  The Aucklanders scored 48 correct placings, and the Cantabrians 49, a close call.

The scary thing is both scores average out to just over three correct placings per map – three out of nine.

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