Pressure on TPPA negotiators

  • 31/07/2015
Meredith Lewis
Meredith Lewis

A failure to strike a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement this weekend could see it delayed by up to two years.

Negotiators are continuing to finalise details of the controversial trade deal, also known as the TPPA or TPP, and it could be signed as early as tomorrow. If it's not, Victoria University associate professor of law and TPPA expert Meredith Lewis says it would be a huge blow to US President Barack Obama.

"President Obama has made it a centrepiece of his trade agenda to get the TPP passed," she said on the Paul Henry programme this morning.

"We're at the endgame, and it's very crucial that a deal be reached this week in order for the deal to be passed by the US Congress this year. There's a lot of pressure on the negotiators to get things done."

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