The danger of the open-ended OE

  • 04/08/2015
The danger of the open-ended OE

Navigating a career at any age can be difficult, but there's one age group in particular where the opportunities and possibilities can be overwhelming - your 20s.

Careers expert Laurel McLay this morning joined Paul Henry to discuss the decision many 20-somethings have to make, which is whether or not to go on an OE.

"A lot of people do it around the age of 25, they've done a couple of years post-grad and they go off but there are also things like a hybrid-OE where you might decide to go for six weeks to three months," Ms McLay says.

She says that the problem with someone choosing to go off and do an open-ended OE is that they "come back from these amazing trips having worked in banks and wonderful places in London, they'd come back and they couldn't get a job as a payable person in New Zealand".

Watch the video for the full interview with Laurel McLay.