The ugly side of New Zealand sport

The ugly side of New Zealand sport

If you saw racist abuse or verbal abuse at a weekend sports game, would you do something about it?

It has long been a blight on sport and it continues to this day.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon.

Story went to five games of rugby and found a shocking example.

The Women's Premier Final at Porirua Park – Oriental Rongatai versus Norths – was an important match for the sisters of the late Jerry Collins, who played in tribute to his memory. But in the stands emotions were really boiling over.

We witnessed a constant stream of abuse directed at the referees, at times even distracting from what was happening on the field.

With things escalating, a woman intervened and tried to reason with the man responsible for the abuse. It was a noble effort, but he didn't listen and threatened violence against her.

Sideline abuse has links with domestic abuse – another reason why we need to take the problem seriously and act when we see unhealthy levels of aggression.

So would you intervene it you saw abuse? Or would you laugh it off and leave it to someone else?

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