Witch doctors 'arriving in droves' to south Auckland

  • 27/07/2015
(3 News: Karen Rutherford)
(3 News: Karen Rutherford)

Immigration New Zealand is investigating after 3 News revealed that Indian witch doctors are targeting vulnerable Kiwis.

The so-called healers are arriving in the country under tourist or temporary work visas and charging thousands of dollars for their services.

Indian community leader Pratima Nand went undercover for 3 News, and this morning spoke to Paul Henry to explain how significant this problem is.

"They have started increasing in the last five years and are arriving in droves," she says. "They are establishing themselves in the south Auckland area where the dense-Indian population is."

She says they "entice" people and "create hope" in them, promising a 100 percent guarantee their problems will be fixed.

Watch the video for the full interview with Pratima Nand.