5 tips for redecorating

  • 25/09/2015
5 tips for redecorating

Whether you're building, redecorating or selling your home, making sure you have the right interior is crucial for making your house look the bee's knees.

But unfortunately there can be some epic home interior fails.

This morning on the show, interior designer Anthea Baker shared her top five tips for making the best of any interior situation.

Firstly, says Ms Baker, don't buy cheap plumping.

"There's a lot of cheap tap wear and things that are coming in from overseas now and I have seen a lot of them failing, so the damage that it causes far outweighs spending a little bit more money and getting decent quality tap wear."

Secondly, work with what you have, don't fight against it. "You might have a very small budget, but build what you have into the design, says Ms Baker.

Her third tip is to spend as much as you can afford on horizontal surfaces – flooring, desktops, seating "all of the things that the human body uses all the time" – as these get far more wear and use than other parts in your house.

Tip number four is if you are doing your house up to sell it, go neutral with all the colours.

Her final piece of advice is to wait until you turn 30 before you buy investments pieces of furniture and art, because "your taste is then fixed and you know exactly what you love."

Watch the video for the full interview with Anthea Baker.