Are councils spending ratepayers' money wisely?

Are councils spending ratepayers' money wisely?

If there is one thing we keep hearing a lot these days, it's the fact children don't play like they used to, that we need to encourage them to limit their screen time and go play.

It sounds logical, as we can all do with less screen time. So then what would possess Auckland Council to consider charging an inner-city school for using a nearby park?

Coyle Park is nice and handy to Point Chevalier School. The school doesn't have much green space, thanks to a growing roll, and so it uses the park for things like sport days, class outings and the end-of-year picnic.

But thanks to a new bylaw that came into effect on July 1, the school found itself facing a $90 charge each time it used the park.

The good news is the school says the Auckland Council is reconsidering.

But, it's an example of the sometimes head-scratching behaviour by those in charge of our cities.

So, speaking of councils and money - which are the worst offenders when it comes to throwing our money down the drain and how do they justify seemingly questionable purchases?

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