Are you 'gonna' get some financial advice?

  • 15/09/2015
Blair Vernon (Paul Henry)
Blair Vernon (Paul Henry)

Financial advice is among the most important you will get in your life.

Crucial money decisions could help or hinder you now and in the future.

AMP advice and sales director Blair Vernon told the Paul Henry programme a lot of people opt not to seek financial advice due to "apathy".

"People just don't get around to it," he says. "I call this a nation of 'gonnas' – people say I'm 'gpnna' get around to it, I'm 'gonna' do that, I'm 'gonna' do this, they don't do it."

He says if you don't get required financial advice soon enough, down it the track it's too late.

"If you think of the last 10 days, people up and down the country have been diagnosed with cancer, had a heart attack, died – most of them are ill-prepared… life goes on, but you hit pot holes, so a financial plan helps you sort that out."

Mr Vernon says there are three "big buckets" people generally get advice on:

1. How to sort out their debt

2. How to take care of risks they take

3. How to plan for a better and prosperous retirement

Watch the video for the full interview with AMP's Blair Vernon.