At a Glance: 5 health and safety myths busted

  • 22/09/2015
At a Glance: 5 health and safety myths busted

A Government taskforce has come back with a number of fixes to what it sees as crazy rules which are holding productivity back.

In releasing its report commissioned by Local Government Minister Paula Bennett today, it also set out to demystify some common misconceptions people hold.

No. The Government doesn't have any health and safety rules against lolly scrambles at events like Santa Parades, though there have been concerns children could be hurt running in front of floats. Those planning a lolly scramble just need to keep peoples' safety in mind.

There aren't any rules banning their use, or for that matter, rules requiring people to wear harnesses or use scaffolding while working from low heights. People just need to be careful.

However, the Health and Safety in Employment Act says people should use equipment the way it was intended, and employers should eliminate risks of a person falling and hurting themselves.

Yes. People can have friends around to their houses for a drink, but if the retirement village wants to provide residents with alcohol they'll need a licence.

Nope. Farmers only have a duty to warn people about work-related hazards and to make sure employees' action or inaction causes harm to someone.

No. Homeowners can continue to do most DIY work. They can get an owner-builder exemption to carry out restricted building for structural work such as foundations, roofing and cladding.

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