British Columbia at its best

  • 23/09/2015

Canada is the land of maple syrup, rabid ice hockey fans and Mounties in red jackets. But there's also much more to the United States' northern neighbour.

Food writer Annabelle White recently visited British Columbia and this morning shared the highlights of her trip with Paul Henry.

Among her picks were the drives - in particular from Vancouver to Whistler, which she described as "fantastic, the most beautiful views, gorgeous" – and the storms.

"You want them crashing in and you sit there in your little seat with your Hudson Bay rug and the storms come pouring in…by the fire and you have a mulled wine and you've got maple syrup on your pancakes and you burn it off on the beach – it's fantastic."

Food-wise, Ms White says the seafood was not-to-be-missed.

"Everybody knows about the wild salmon which is of course is there, but you've also got beautiful scallops and if you go in May you get a little thing called a spot prawn which is delicious – an out-of-body experience."

Watch the video for the full interview with Annabelle White.