Cycling New Zealand not a smooth ride - Wilson

  • 31/08/2015
Cycling New Zealand not a smooth ride - Wilson

Cycling around the rugged coastline of New Zealand may not sound like everyone's cup of tea, but for Duncan Wilson it was everything he expected and more.

He set off from Auckland on January 2 to circumnavigate the country by bike, and 10,000km later and sporting a few bumps and bruises, he's made it home.

So is it something worth doing?  Duncan joined Paul Henry in studio this morning to explain what made him take on the challenge.

He says he liked the idea of Cape Reinga to the Bluff but he wanted to push the bar a bit further and see whether it was possible to get a bike right around the coast of New Zealand, or see how close you could get.

Duncan rode in an effort to raise funds for St John. Donations can be made here.

Watch the video for the full report.