Duncan Garner takes criminal to police station

  • 16/09/2015
Casey Cowan (Duncan Garner)
Casey Cowan (Duncan Garner)

A violent criminal who slipped his electronic monitoring bracelet and had been on the run for nearly two weeks has turned himself in to police following an interview with Duncan Garner.

Casey Cowan, 44, disappeared on September 4, a month before his six-month home detention sentence for violence offences was due to end.

He told Duncan Garner that alleged broken promises by Child, Youth and Family and concerns for his family prompted him to take off his monitoring bracelet.

Instead of waiting for his sentence to end on October 3, he took it off at his Avondale home early and fled.

The MediaWorks host says he convinced Cowan to turn himself in to police and accompanied him to the Auckland Central Police Station.