Dunedin pushes for new city sign

  • 02/09/2015
Dunedin pushes for new city sign

If the flag debate has taught us anything this week, it's that we have a big branding issue in this country. We pick terrible logos.

Dunedin is tired of its old image, and two radio hosts, Damian and Kellie from The Breeze, have launched a campaign to fund a rebranding of the city's image.

What the two want to do is to get their hands on Dunedin's town sign and change it.

But Dunedin Council has no money. It spent too much on its stadium to worry about these things.

So the radio hosts want to raise $20,000 from Dunedin's denizens and businesses, as well as trying anything they can to get cash, so it costs the council nothing. The Mayor, at least, likes the idea.

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