Fonterra cuts may not lead to savings – expert

  • 22/09/2015
Jacqueline Rowarth (Paul Henry)
Jacqueline Rowarth (Paul Henry)

Hundreds more jobs are set to go at Fonterra but a leading agricultural professor says the cuts may not lead to savings for the dairy giant.

Another 230 jobs have been added to the growing list of roles to be axed at Fonterra.

Waikato University Professor of agribusiness Jacqueline Rowarth told the Paul Henry programme she doesn't expect there will be savings any time soon.

"We've got redundancies, we've also got policies… processes and indeed technologies that are brought in to support the people that have to do the work that was required and being done by those other people," she says.

"Quite often what seems to happen is that people are then brought back on, and of course contracts tend to be more lucrative than the original pay. So will there be savings? Time will tell."

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