Govt 'can't force contraception on parents'

  • 29/09/2015
Alison Cleland (Paul Henry)
Alison Cleland (Paul Henry)

It's been the buzz topic so far this week – Anne Tolley's suggestion that tubal ligation should be discussed with unfit parents, who are putting the children they already have at risk.

So, should the State be able to wield any power over the civil liberties of its citizens, particularly if they are beneficiaries?

Auckland University's Alison Cleland says the law currently says a State cannot enforce contraception on parents who are not behaving in accordance with the law.

"We're a civilised society, we're a democratic society and the State doesn't tell you how many children to have, and it doesn't tell you whether or not you can have children," she told the Paul Henry programme today.

"It can't legally. There are international instruments that New Zealand signs up to – those are international standards that we say we'll abide by."

Watch the video for the full interview with Alison Cleland.