Hey Look, a Good Government Twitter Account

A Twitter post from Waikato Civil Defence.
A Twitter post from Waikato Civil Defence.

It's a terrible time for New Zealand.

Kyle Lockwood is our new overlord, ruling the nation with an Iron Fern (™).

The rain is falling heavy and unrelenting, dampening both our spirits and our fields of cows, whose milk will likely be surplus to the requirements of the global dairy market.

But there is one canary singing brightly in our national coal mine. And it’s singing in the most unlikely place of all: public sector Twitter.

@CivilDefenceWKT was filled with mostly average tweets until August 18, when it erupted into life with a picture of an enraged snow demon. 

That was followed by a lengthy safety campaign warning Waikato residents about the deadly ravages of sunlight.

The situation got so bad that they had to call a press conference.

But the account really came into its own when Waikato was threatened with terrible damp.

It told us how crap things would be... from ‘wet and crap’ to ‘holy crap’.

It educated us about the nature of tides.

And it insulted the greatest city in New Zealand, Auckland.

It’s unclear how the account will handle its first mass cow drowning.

But we are thankful to whoever is running this account for bringing brightness and levity to the world of disaster.