Kiwis sway towards current flag – survey

  • 16/09/2015

Around 2500 Kiwis have so far taken part in an online poll that asks people to choose their favourite flag – and majority voted to keep the current one.

They are asked multiple times to vote for their preference from different pages displaying a combination of designs.

Each page contains the current flag, the four on the short list, plus a random selection of other options – including Red Peak.

The survey by Aardwolf Research Consulting has found nothing is as popular as the status quo.

Is director Alex Kravchenko surprised?

"Not really," he says. "This is what other polls show… about two thirds, 60 percent of respondents want to keep the current flag."

If you want to take part in the online survey, the link is available here.

Watch the video for the full interview with Alex Kravchenko.