Male au pairs, or 'mannies', on the rise

  • 21/09/2015
Male au pairs, or 'mannies', on the rise

By Kim Vinnell

It can be argued that gender equality in the workplace has seen some fairly major progress in the past 20 years.

But when it comes to childcare, or more specifically live-in, sole-carer childcare, the changes are only just starting to be noticed.

Enter the "manny" or "mo-pair". One au pair agency told Story it's fielding a deluge of young men keen to come over and look after Kiwi kids.

The families are often advertisement enough.

"We definitely have a lot more male au pairs wanting to come to New Zealand and that's probably driven by them going home and saying, 'Oh it was great go to go New Zealand,'" says Casey Muurahi of Au Pair Link. "But we also have a lot of more male au pairs in the community, and there are families sharing success stories about au pairs."

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