NZ Flag Idol: We Predict the Final Four

The four finalists in the New Zealand Flag Idol competition are going to be announced at 10am tomorrow.

Our panel of Newsworthy amateur vexillologists name the designs they believe will make it through.

This design has a good shot at winning, because it has a silver fern. If it’s one thing New Zealanders love, it’s a silver fern.

You know what else has a silver fern on it? The All Blacks logo. All New Zealanders love and respect and worship our National Team. This flag also has a silver fern on it.

Shit, this one pretty much is the All Blacks logo. Bonus points.

This is like the other fern ones but the colours are a bit different. But it’s still a silver fern. Which means there’s a very  high chance this will become our flag. Gosh the silver fern is just great isn’t it?

The Prime Minister and now All Black Captain Richie McCaw have said they want to see a silver fern on our flag. Maybe all four options on the short list will feature a fern but I’m holding out hope the country will be given a couple of other options.

I’ve tried to cover all my bases with these picks and because of that I think I will win.

I picked two fern designs because they are predictable choices, but to be fair it could be any of the many long-listed fern flags. Wā kāinga/Home is actually my favourite design and I think it will be there because it’s suitably abstract. The koru design is to hedge against ferns.

I hate silver ferns and also Kyle Lockwood.

Children need to be this country’s first priority. Considering our kids will need to draw these flags over and over again, I have picked four that should be relatively easy to replicate.  

At first I thought it would be something like this.

But suddenly I was overwhelmed by a great heaviness of spirit. Fern was everything. Everything was fern.

Kyle Lockwood's empire stretched from the tip of Cape Reinga to the southern beaches of Stewart Island.

Just when I thought I could take no more, I was blinded by a mighty light. Through the cracks of my eyelids I saw a green beam blasting everything before me.

Our flag saviour had arrived. The grey-suited panel turned, fear in their eyes. A nation shouted in unison: Fire the Lazar!