Parental leave Bill might not be done – Dunne

  • 17/09/2015
Peter Dunne (Simon Wong/3 News)
Peter Dunne (Simon Wong/3 News)

United Future leader Peter Dunne believes Labour's second attempt to extend paid parental leave will be enough to persuade the Government.

Labour MP Sue Moroney wants it extended to six months, but Finance Minister Bill English has promised to kill the Bill with a financial veto.

Mr Dunne says that doesn't mean the concept is doomed.

"[Mr English] made that claim the last time such a bill was introduced… then National introduced an extension to paid parental leave subsequently, and has just announced in the last couple of weeks a further extension," he told the Paul Henry Programme.

"The difference at the moment between what Sue Moroney's proposing and what National is offering is about eight weeks, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if over the next few months the Government suddenly [decides] to bridge that gap."

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