Programme aims to stop dog bites on kids

Programme aims to stop dog bites on kids

We all have our fears, be it spiders, heights or dogs.

But that's because many were never taught how to approach a dog.

One couple is teaching tens of thousands of young children right from wrong, and they're in need of a bit of help themselves.

The programme has visited 1000 preschools over the past year, with 30,000 children learning right from wrong when it comes to canines. It's a great programme, free to all preschools.

Elspeth and husband Shaune set up the programme just over a year ago. They saw the need especially after a young Japanese girl was bitten more than 100 times in a dog attack last year.

The stats are alarming – there have been 99,000 dog bites in 10 years, and 5800 people requiring hospitalisation and surgery.

But now they need help too. They raised just $6000 last year to run the programme.

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