Red Peak on Lydia Ko?

  • 14/09/2015
Red Peak on Lydia Ko?

Story has said, along with one of the country's biggest newspapers, that Red Peak should be included in the flag referendum.

We don't have to pick it as a new flag, but we should just have the chance to choose it if we want.

So we were pretty happy when we heard the Prime Minister's press conference today and it sounded like he was considering it.

Also today, Lydia Ko made history as the youngest woman ever to win a golf major.

If you saw the pictures this morning, probably one of the first things you'll have noticed was the big New Zealand flag she was draped in.

You might have thought, "Oh I wonder how that will look with those other flags they're considering."

Well, wonder no more – Story has got you sorted.

Watch the video for the full report.