Social welfare dynamics need to change – commission

  • 16/09/2015
Productivity Commission chair Murray Sherwin (Paul Henry)
Productivity Commission chair Murray Sherwin (Paul Henry)

The Productivity Commission is calling for a major overhaul of New Zealand's social services to help our most vulnerable.

Its latest report has found systems are failing those in need – and tinkering around the edges won't fix the problem.

Major reform is already in the pipeline for Child Youth and Family.

So what exactly needs to happen?

"What we've been advocating is trying to change the dynamic, trying to take it away from this top down silo approach where all of the energy and effort is focussed at… the high end of the system," Productivity Commission chair Murray Sherwin.

"The people who need the assistance are out there and what we need are professionals who are able to respond in a holistic fashion to the needs that they see in front of them as they're going about their work day-to-day."

Watch the video for the full interview with Murray Sherwin.