Talk Money: September 18, 2015

  • 18/09/2015
(Paul Henry)
(Paul Henry)

The New Zealand dollar has leapt almost half a cent against the US currency this morning.

That was after the Federal Reserve decided at 6am (NZT) to leave its key lending rate unchanged at virtually zero.

The Kiwi was trading at around 63.20 US cents before the announcement. It quickly pushed up through 64 cents and was heading towards 64.50 cents. But by 8am it had fallen back to around 63.80 cents.

The Federal Reserve has not lifted interest rates in nine years.

The US economy has been improving, with growth of over 3 percent. But a hike in rates would raise borrowing costs for home owners and businesses.

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen is concerned US wages are not growing fast enough. She does not want to lift rates too soon and run the risk of seeing the world's biggest economy go backwards.

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